Grande Prairie’s Role in World War II

Remembrance Day might be over and your poppy respectfully removed from your left lapel, but the history we are supposed to remember doesn’t exist only in the sombre ceremony of the November 11ths of each year.

It is easy to forget things that happened so long ago, especially in the Peace Country where our population was so sparse.  We didn’t make international headlines with most of our local war efforts, nor does our part in the World War make it into modern high school text books.

So, what was it that was happening around here during the Second World War?

Young people enlisted and went overseas… South Peace Archives has compiled a directory of area veterans.  Please check it and offer corrections or further information if you can.  For several personal stories, browse the Our Veterans category.

American troops came through to build the Alaska highway and an explosion tore up down town Dawson Creek

And, the army and the air force were very active in Grande Prairie!  Read this article from the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune to find out more about the Military Training Centre  and North West Staging Route north to Alaska.

What else did the Peace Country contribute?  If you know, Town Spirit would very much like to hear from you so that this information can be shared and learned from.  Please email, or leave a comment.

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