It’s Coming…

We don’t mind winter in the Peace Country… we love it!  And it is approaching quickly.  So if you are a local or an adventurer from afar looking for some winter excitement, you’ll want to check out  They’re a great source of information about destinations, trails, where to buy gear and tips of all sorts.  Plus some awesome sledding pictures!

If you’re not a snow rider, maybe you’ll find this interesting: a Ski-doo is a snowmobile and definitely a skidoo, and a skidoo is a snowmobile but not necessarily a Ski-doo.  Likewise, a snowmobile doesn’t have to be a Ski-doo, but it might be called a skidoo!

The snowmobile is the machine.  A Ski-doo is a brand name for a snowmobile made by the specific company, but, like Kleenex or Band-Aid, the name has become generic and is now used to mean the same thing as snowmobile.  But lots of people just go sledding (a sled is different from a toboggan but similar to a sledge although quite different from a sleigh).

Hey!  We just love winter, so the terminology isn’t that important.  Go outside and play this snow season!

What do you love about the Peace Country?  We’d love it if you let us know!  Please leave a comment or email  Thank YOU!

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