Penny’s Diary

Jeepers!  Most people reading this blog won’t remember Penny’s Diary, a Canadian wartime radio series and later a comic aimed at teenage girls.  It follows Penny, a lovesick brunette, and her less glamourous sidekick Jeanie through adventures similar to those found in Betty & Veronica strips. 

Unfortunately, Penny’s Diary wasn’t nearly so long-lived as its famous American cousin, but it is notable for several reasons.  In the 40s, Penny’s Diary was the only Canadian comic specifically for girls.  It was also the only one written and illustrated by women, which makes the fact that it made the cover of Active Comics 21 particularly remarkable.  Boy!

However, for those of us with an interest in Spirit River, Penny’s Diary is most important because of its writer, Patricia Joudry.  She was born right here in Spirit River, Alberta in 1921.  Holy cats!!

Joudry wrote and starred in the radio version of Penny’s Diary from 1941 – 1944, then carried on writing the comic strip with Doris Slater to illustrate.  The duo may also have been responsible for other comics, signed only “P & D”. 

Then, Slater moved on to illustrating for The Canadian Home Journal and Joudry got a job co-writing The Aldrich FamilyPenny’s Diary had seen its final entry, but Joudry’s diary was just beginning to get interesting.  You can read all about it by following this link.

To see some examples of Joudry and Slater’s work, click here or here.

If you know someone from the Spirit River area who is famous (or ought to be), why not send a tip about them?  Just email or leave a comment on any post. 

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3 Responses to Penny’s Diary

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  2. Patricia (Patti) Titus Simmonds Thomas says:

    My mother was the late Doris Slater Titus. I have an old article entitled “Girl Sets Precedent Crashes Comic Field and some photos of her if anyone is interested. My email is

    Patricia Titus Simmons Thomas

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