Spirit River Makes Maclean’s

Well, we’ve officially hit the big time.  Spirit River has found an inch in Maclean’s magazine!  Because of the dinosaur, of course.  Follow the link and scroll down to Fossils Over Fuel to read all about it.

Speaking of the dinosaur, CTV gave an update on its progress toward seeing the light again after 75 million years of petrified peace.  Eleven blocks of rock encased bones, or 50,000 pounds of former ground beneath our feet, have been delivered to Drumheller.  Hopes are high that the entire skeleton is in there, but it will be years before it emerges under the patient hands of museum workers.

Meanwhile, don’t you think we should give the dinosaur a good nickname and build a giant roadside attraction version of it while Spirit River is still in the news?  Rycroft has their tepee, Grande Prairie got a sundial, Falher boasts a bee and Beaverlodge lodges a beaver – the dinosaur is exactly what Spirit River has been waiting for!  And for a name… How about Chepi, meaning ghost?

If you have a suggestion, or you know how to work with fibreglass, Town Spirit is waiting for your comment or email (townspirit@hotmail.com).  Watch out for dinosaurs!

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