Talking Turkey

Well, turkey vultures.  Have you seen one?  According to this article from the summer of 2009, the odd-looking birds have expanded their territory and can be seen in the Spirit River area.

They are distinctive birds, large and black with a red, wrinkly head and neck.  When they fly, they hold their wings in a v, not in a straight line like an eagle.  If you saw one at a distance, it might catch your eye as being unusual.  If you saw it close up, you’d be more likely to say, “what the…?”.

Turkey vultures are not unknown in Alberta, but they are only now being spotted in the northwest.  They ought to like the Peace Country since we have plenty of the abandoned buildings surrounded by caragana that make ideal nesting sites.  And, unfortunately, lost of roadkill for them to feast upon.

These birds are rare and not much is known about them.  Anyone would have to admit they aren’t the most attractive birds in our province.  Most people call them ugly.  Yet there are a few adventurous people taking an interest in the turkey vulture who have some fascinating facts to offer.  The Western Producer recently published this article.  It might inspire you to love the oddball fowl, too.

If so, or if not, keep an eye out for the turkey vulture.  If you spot one, report it to Fish and Wildlife with as much information about its location and activity as you can.  Enjoy your opportunity to experience one of the Peace Country’s rarest birds.

You might drop a line or, joy of joys! a picture to Town Spirit as well.  We would love to post your turkey for you 🙂  Just email or leave a comment.  Thank You!


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