For the Gardeners

You might think that the first frost marks the end of gardening season on a September night in the Peace Country, but up here where the plants and the gardeners are hardy folks, frost is only a sign that the time to tuck up and start planning for next year is coming soon – but not too soon!

If you’ve got a green thumb that works well on a keyboard also, you’ll want to take a rainy day and browse Peace Country Gardens, a fellow blog based in the Peace Country.  Here you can join in the 2013 North Peace Garden Tour, find local sources for all your gardening needs, and see what others are up to in their backyards.  Your inspiration awaits!

If you know something about the Peace Country, why not share it with us all?  Town Spirit is open to your post.  Just email to put your post here. Thank you for helping make this blog better!

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2 Responses to For the Gardeners

  1. It’s amazing that flowers can grow and have time to bloom in those short northern summers. My mom used to plant asters because they bloomed late in spite of the weather cooling off so early.

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