Fall Photos From Spirit River

Fall is a truly beautiful season 🙂  In the Peace Country, we still see lots of sunshine and feel its warmth, but there is that low, creeping cold lurking in the grass.  You can see it in the purple shadows behind every golden bale.  A cold nose is just a reminder to enjoy the sun on your back all the more, to inhale deeply of the earthy smell of autumn, and to stop and watch those geese as they fatten up in preparation for their great migration.

fa. falldust ll

If you have Peace Country photos, we would love to stick them right here on the blog.  Photos generate a lot of interest from all over the world, so why not show off a little?  Just send your pics to townspirit@hotmail.com.

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One Response to Fall Photos From Spirit River

  1. These are beautiful! It’s a gorgeous time of year in the Peace Country.

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