The Splendid Peace River Country

In June of 1925 the Edmonton Journal ran several pages of advertising for the Peace River Country.  From Athabaska to Beaverlodge, each “coming” town and prairie is praised for its modern stores, transportation, friendliness and potential.  It is strange, now, to look back and see what angles may have been important to prospective settlers; what predictions came true, or didn’t; and what sort of impression of a place a newspaper could give.  The link to the paper is here (browse pages to the right and left), and the following are some highlights:

Ten month old Roycroft (Rycroft) has three general stores, a good hotel, a livery barn, restaurant barber shop and pool room.

It is fully expected that oil will be found along the banks of the Peace.

In the winter of 1925, cars were able to run the whole winter through on the splendid new Peace Country highways.

There are no rats, gophers or potato bugs in the Peace Country, and although there are mosquitoes, they will lose their importance as the land is cleared.

One of Spirit River’s first settlers was Sheriff Peter Gunn.

One Spirit River entrepreneur had a fox ranch.

Peace River has a fine hospital with plenty of doctors and nurses.

Settlers in the Beaverlodge area are “well above the average”.

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