Rose Hip Soup

rose Rose Hip Soup is a popular treat in Sweden, so much a favourite that you can buy it in a carton, like orange juice.  Swallow it straight or mix it with cream, sour cream, yoghourt or ice cream, and you’ve got a tasty snack or appetizer loaded with vitamin C.

We have lots of rose hips here in the Peace Country, of course, so you can make Rose Hip Soup too.  They form after the petals have fallen off the rose, and are best picked after the first frost in the fall (put this on your to do in the future list!).  Then it’s just a matter of cooking and straining the hips until you get a thick, rich puree.  It is recommended that you remove the seeds with their irritating little hairs.  Here is one of many recipes available on the ‘net.rosehips

Roses are members of the apple and crab apple family.  Just as each type of apple tastes a little different from the next, rose hips vary in texture and flavour.  If you don’t like what you find on your front yard bush, don’t let that convince you that you wouldn’t like nyponsoppa: Swedish Rose Hip Soup.

You might also like to try making wine, pudding, jelly, pie or bread from rose hips, or eat them fresh with the seeds removed and stuffed with a raspberry!

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3 Responses to Rose Hip Soup

  1. I remember the rosehips looking so bright in the fall. Good to know they have many uses as well.

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