Tjardus Greidanus Has a New Film

Director, Director of Photography, and Editor Tjardus Greidanus has quite a resume.  He has worked, in various capacities, on well-known movies and television series, HBO specials, documentaries and DVD content.  His name is listed in the credits for The X-Files, Collateral, Memoirs of a Geisha, Ali, Public Enemies… well, why not visit his website and see the whole list?

This summer, a new crime thriller and love story film written and directed by Tjardus Greidanus was released.  A New York Heartbeat is set in the 50s and is full of old-style gangsters.  You can find out everything you need to know through Kickstarter or IMDb.

There is something else about Tjardus Greidanus that is pretty impressive.  You’ve probably guessed: he lived in Spirit River.  In 1986, when he was 19, he won the Best Amateur Film Award at the Annual Alberta Film and Television Awards for The Fire Within:

A delightful quirk in the competition this year was the inclusion of the Best Amateur Film category, awarded to 19-year-old Tjardus Greidanus, producer of The Fire Within, an outrageously ambitious 80 minute feature set in Renaissance Holland, and shot on 1/2 – inch video for five hundred dollars on four months of weekends around Spirit River in northern Alberta.  (From Cinemag).

Now that would be an interesting film!

Hopefully you get to see A New York Heartbeat.  It has great reviews so far!

If you know someone from around here who is making a name for themselves, Town Spirit would love to post their story here.  Just email anytime 🙂

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One Response to Tjardus Greidanus Has a New Film

  1. Hurray! Let’s hear it for local talent!!!

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