September has come, and with it the return of cooler nights and warmer colours in the leaves.  Pool days ended yesterday, school days begin today.

A new month, a new season, and everyone hopes for a long, warm fall.  An autumn that smells of cut grass, heated pineapple weed, and a vague whiff of decaying leaves.  We want to see golden stags and healthy moose, hear kids out at recess and watch farmers tend their fields.  People will fill their calendars with hockey camps, dance classes, exercise sessions, and theatre.  Summer travellers will be back in town, enjoying still warm nights as they walk under the streetlights instead of the summer sun.

It’s not yet time to trade in the flip flops for snow boots, though.  The summer/fall transition can be one of the most pleasant times of year, perfect for hunting, boating, barbecues and shopping.  September rarely qualifies as a true brrr month with Octobrrr, Novembrrr and Decembrrr.  It’s just a sort of easing into something new, a lingering sense of warmth and relaxation.  A most pleasant time in the Peace Country.

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5 Responses to September

  1. Remember September
    Morning frost on the rosehips.
    Noonday sun warming the golden grain.
    Bright sunny days,
    Crisp cool starry nights.

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