August Colours

August is upon us… well, we’re in the beginning of late August, shall we say.  The wind has changed and the colours have changed once more.


The brilliant canola blossoms are becoming very sparse, so now the crop is a cool green colour.


Asters and goldenrod have taken over from harebells, paintbrushes and wild roses.


The golden crops ripple as the wind wanders through. Now the deer match perfectly.


Shadows are still long and purple, but the sun is getting to bed earlier these days.

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2 Responses to August Colours

  1. Summer sure doesn’t last long, does it? But the fall is beautiful too.

    • townspirit says:

      Summer is still around for a little while, but it is interesting to think how our perception might be influenced by the changing of the crops. The leaves are still green and the flowers still blooming, but the fields are so much vaster. Also more important, if you happen to be a farmer. At least fall doesn’t just drop in on us all of a sudden!

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