Wild Pink Yonder

The riders are “on the trail to a cure…”, a trail that includes a stop in Spirit River on August 15.  You may have noticed the pinkness going on at ATB Financial – that’s where all the activity will be focused, with the pink, no, ping pong ball race and the horses and riders appearing at 5:00.

Then Rycroft hosts the visitors and locals for a parade, carnival, trick riding show and a whole lot more… look up Rycroft – Pinkest Little Town on Facebook to see what’s going on.

Wanham welcomes the riders on Saturday and Sunday with an outdoor market, barbecue supper and pancake breakfast.  Check this week’s Signal for dates, times and locations.

Wanham and Rycroft are in hot pursuit of the title “Pinkest Little Town in the West”.  Volunteers are painting their towns pink, and it looks fantastic!  Pink bears at the Co-op?  Pink farm equipment?  Pink fences and flowers and canoes and hairstyles? Everyone is totally into the pinking up!

If all this is a mystery to you, please check out Wild Pink Yonder’s website.



pinks Photos submitted

Hooray for everyone who is taking part in this huge, combined community effort!  Hope you all have fun at the dance!

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