Dunvegan Park Events

Something is always going on down at Dunvegan, whether it’s a summer wedding under the maples, campfire suppers, or water fights in the river.  Besides all that unofficial fun, the park’s programs, tours and special events are running all summer.

August 3rd at 2pm, catch the dramatic presentation in the amphitheatre.

The Annual  Dunvegan Fresh Air Market is on for August 4th, from 11am-5pm. Local artisans brings their creations to show and sell in the sunshine on the lawn outside the information centre.

Day camps for kids aged 4 – 10 run most Wednesdays in August from 11 to 4.  Games, crafts, movies – lots to keep them entertained for the day.

Saturdays, drop in for Tea Leaves & Bannock Sticks between 2pm and 4pm.  Bake your own bannock!

Tours of Historic Dunvegan’s three fully restored historic buildings with actor/interpreters are offered daily.

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