Spirit River Museum

So, it’s raining (still).  Looking for something to do in Spirit River?  Why not check out the museum?


The Spirit River and District museum is a place where you could spend all rainy day browsing artifacts and articles.  The historic buildings are chock full of items, many donated by local people who have included the story of the item as well.  Tour the Ukrainian church, trapper’s cabin, schoolhouse, hall, flour mill, and the house.  You’ll be impressed by the tiny Winchell Cabin, where homesteaders spent many cold and cramped hours out on the prairie.  Study the fossils inherited from Grande Prairie Regional College.  Cower before the display of old time medical and dentistry equipment.  Inhale the schoolhouse scents.  And listen to the pitter patter of raindrops from inside a nice dry building.

Have a look at the selection of used books for sale at the museum before you go.  If it rains all evening, you’ll still have something to do.

If you can’t make it in person, the museum has a great website too.

Have you been to the Spirit River and District Museum?  What’s your favourite exhibit?

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2 Responses to Spirit River Museum

  1. I bet that museum would be really interesting to visit.

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