Goldenrod: the yellowest thing next to canola and prettier than dandelions.  It’s a lovely wildflower, found in here in the Peace Country summer fields and roadside ditches, accenting the paintbrushes, harebells and yarrow.goldenrod

A couple of interesting things about this plant:

Goldenrod doesn’t cause allergic reactions because its pollen is too heavy and sticky to make it to the level of the average nose.  It often gets blamed for seasonal stuffiness because it blooms at the same time as some notorious allergens.

Goldenrod leaves are a source of rubber.  Thomas Edison figured out how to grow a giant super goldenrod that yielded up to 12% rubber.  He had goldenrod rubber tires for a Model T that Henry Ford gave him.  It looked for a while like goldenrod might be a viable source of natural rubber, and Edison’s wife and employees continued experimenting with goldenrod after his death in 1931.  However, when synthetic rubber was invented, it was obvious that natural rubber would not be needed in the automobile industry.

The world around us is incredibly interesting, and so are the people who know this stuff.  Is that you?  If you know some intriguing information about Spirit River and area, please feel welcome to scatter your wisdom through the archives of this blog.  Just email and get your own post, absolutely free!

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2 Responses to Goldenrod

  1. I love looking at your posts because they bring back so many childhood memories for me. I remember goldenrod. There aren’t all that many bright flowers up north in that short summer (not like in the lush southern climes) but it sure made us appreciate the few flowery things we did have. Goldenrod was one of them.

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