The Revillons Freres are Back

Dunvegan Provincial Historic Site has their newest historical building open and ready for business.  Well, one cannot actually purchase the furs, canned goods and beads available at the Revillon Frere’s Store, but they are there to behold.  Interpreters have some tidbits from the history of the store to tell while you breathe in the scents of the past.  The building is the original structure, open up to 1908 and moved from the spot in the 1930s.  Restoration has made it like new again.

Revillon Freres was a French company in close competition with the Hudson’s Bay Company in the early 20th century, selling luxury fur costumes and accessories.  Their western base was in Edmonton, and trading posts and stores were scattered throughout northern Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and the arctic.  There was a Revillon Freres store in Spirit River as well as one at Dunvegan.

The Dunvegan building is representative of the time of peak success for the company.  After 1915, fur prices collapsed.  20 years later, the HBC had taken over Revillon Freres’ Canadian operations, but the French company had long since been selling out and shutting down.

The store and of course the other buildings are all open for summer tours and of course photographs at all hours.  Step into history!

Find out more on Dunvegan Park’s Facebook page, read the article about it in the Post, or just get on down there and check it out!

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3 Responses to The Revillons Freres are Back

  1. It’s good they’re restoring these places. It would be a shame if they were lost and forgotten.

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