Fossil Season

It’s summer, and the time to get on the Northern Fossil Trail.  The Peace Country is rich in fossil remains – richer than anyone knows yet.

The Pipestone Creek dig near Wembley  is well into its 2013 season of digging for Pachyrhinosaurus bones in one of the world’s best bonebeds.  Tours are available now, Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.  Find more about Pipestone Creek here.

There are plenty of fossil displays in our local museums.  For a map of exhibits, look here.  The link will also lead you to rules you’ll need to know if you want to go fossil hunting on your own.

A little further afield, Tumbler Ridge is also a great destination for dinosaur lovers.   In 2000, a couple of local kids discovered dinosaur footprints in the rocks on a creek just out of town.  Since then B.C.’s first dinosaur bone beds have been uncovered, one of the world’s largest deposits of fossil fish has been found on the shaly mountain tops nearby, and Tumbler Ridge has embraced these natural treasures by building a Dinosaur Discovery Gallery and The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre.  You can go and see many of these important finds, in situ.  Walk where the dinosaurs walked!  You can go with museum guides to make sure you know where to look for trackways: the nocturnal tour is especially fun!

Got a great tip for summer fun in the Peace Country?  Email  Thanks!

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4 Responses to Fossil Season

  1. Just imagine! Those creatures walked where we’re walking now. Wouldn’t it be exciting to find a dinosaur footprint?!

  2. Cee Bee says:

    Dunvegan info centre has a cast of a dinosaur trail found near the bridge in the 90s.

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