Local Musicians Making Videos

Telus and Public Records announced the recipients of the 2013 Summer Music Fun last week.  On the list: two Grande Prairie groups.Tasman Jude and Wand will receive grants to put toward producing a creative music video.

Wand is an electronic indie/alternative band and will write a video centred around Alberta for their track “There is a Place”.  Find out more about them here.

Tasman Jude is all about reggae.  Their video, for “Take You Away” will be shot in Tobago with lots of extras and lots of warm sunshine.  Find out more about Tasman Jude here.

If you know of any local people who are finding success, Town Spirit would be pleased to feature them here.  Just email information to townspirit@hotmail.com or leave a tip on any post.  Thanks!

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2 Responses to Local Musicians Making Videos

  1. I checked out their videos. I think they could entertain a crowd quite nicely. Good for them for making it!

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