The caterpillar invasion of the Peace Country is famous enough to make the CBC news.  Here’s hoping that the waning of June means the decline of the caterpillar’s appetites.  Have you seen how big they’ve gotten?  And strong.  Try pulling one off your jeans.

Well, if you think our caterpillars are remarkable, what about these?


From The Netherlands: this Honda is for sale 🙂


From London: blanketing the city.

Caterpillars are very successful creatures, and also a bit weird.  Take, for example, the Mad Hatterpillar, who collects its own shed head capsules and piles them on his head.

Or the vomiting caterpillar, who has better manners in society.

Maybe we don’t have it so bad here with our Forest Tent Caterpillars 🙂

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3 Responses to Caterpillars

  1. That’s terrible. I read that CBC article. I don’t remember caterpillars ever being that bad when I was young and living up in the Peace area. Here on Vancouver Island we get the ten-striped beetle invasion when the hot weather comes. They’re huge and terrifying, but these caterpillars are devastating for the plant life. Thanks for this post. I had no idea they could be so bad up there.

    • townspirit says:

      It does look really bad – naked trees, caterpillars and silk dangling everywhere, sidewalks strewn with poop pellets… and then there is the smell of dead caterpillars, sprayed or drowned or squished and then baked in the sun. But most sources agree that the poplars will be alright again in July. The leaves came back last year even with the dry, hot weather.

      The beetles sound just as uncomfortable! They can move faster than caterpillars and they have scratchy feet!

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