Celebrating Us!

The summer season is upon us again, and that means our area will have visitors and locals alike who are looking for what this area can offer.  Town Spirit would like to invite everyone to use the blog to promote and celebrate our special neck of the woods.  Of course, Town Spirit is always hoping to hear from you, but somehow summer is a most inspiring season.  Maybe it’s because people from elsewhere come here and open our eyes about this place where we live.  They get us thinking.  Why do we like it so much here?

So what do you do in the summer months?  Rock climbing?  Photography? Camping? Birdwatching?  Where would you take your guests for a little excitement?  A music festival?  An elk farm?  A scenic drive?  These are all things that Town Spirit would like to help share with anyone who finds themselves visiting this area – either in person or through bouncing by on the internet.

Please consider sending in a post!  Any local event, story, pictures, business, achievement, etc. (the list is very long) is exactly appropriate for this blog.  Comments are especially welcome, too.  Help celebrate this area!  Celebrate us 🙂

P.S. Every post or idea someone else sends in saves the administrator coming up with 5 – 7 posts per week.  So THANK YOU! for offering the gift of time 🙂

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1 Response to Celebrating Us!

  1. Cee Bee says:

    The wild boars are quite a sight, and visitors always like the sunsets. Dunvegan, of course. Kleskun Hills. Just drive around in the evening and watch for animals and scenery. Wander up a river.you can tour the Harley shop at Fairview College. Peace Valley Guest Ranch is a gem!

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