Rhino Snot

Nearby Berwyn is experimenting with Rhino Snot this year, hoping to solve a problem familiar to many areas of the Peace Country.  If it works for them, should we be considering some loads of Rhino Snot as well?  This will be an interesting experiment to follow.

OK, if the curiosity is killing you, click here to read all about the Rhino Snot in Berwyn.

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4 Responses to Rhino Snot

  1. We sure could have used some of that in the old days when all the roads were gravel and clouds of choking dust poured into the car under the dash as you drove along.

  2. Leo Edwards says:

    ***Check Your FACTS on RHINO-SNOT*** The Envirotac II (A.K.A. Rhino-Snot or A.K.A. Earth Glue) manufacturer’s website clearly states toxic chemical ingredients including Monomers, Ammonia and Formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen (http://rhino-snot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MSDS-for-Evirotac-II.pdf ).

    Furthermore, the manufacturer states it only lasts 12-24 months (http://envirotac.com/faq/ ), not 20 years. Consequently, the real cost is much higher than the price and ultimately, we are footing the bill.

    Other information online states that Envirotac II / Rhino-Snot is actually salvage waste water from paint and adhesive industries. That can’t be good for our environment, our roads and certainly not for the health of our community.

    FDA may have approved specialty polymers for indirect food contact, but they certainly didn’t approve waste from thousands of polymer emulsions including floor polish, latex paint and contact adhesive.

    This is very concerning! Who is looking out for our best interest?

    • townspirit says:

      Thank you for posting your concerns, Leo, and links to further information. It is always wise to know as much as one can about what is going on in the world, and a newspaper clipping is never enough information. The links you have given are to the web site of the makers of Envirotac II (Rhino Snot). Have you been able to find any information or reviews from alternate sources?

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