Fort St. John Earthquake

Residents of Fort St. John felt the ground rumble Monday night at about 9:30.

PJXM News reports that the 4.4 magnitude earthquake was fairly shallow at 5 km deep.  The earth shifted about 18 km southeast of the city.  Dishes rattled and some couches moved but no damage is reported.

Late last year, Fort St. John felt the earth rumble twice, but the quake wasn’t as large as this one.  The area has had a number of earthquakes in the past few decades.  You can see a list of them here.

In 2001, the Baytree and Bonanza experienced a bigger quake.  Spirit River residents could feel it as well, but there was little damage.

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2 Responses to Fort St. John Earthquake

  1. I know it’s very scary when you can feel an earthquake because you don’t know at that moment how bad it’s going to get.

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