Rock Climbing, Anyone?

The Spirit River area isn’t exactly associated with the sport of rock climbing.  We’re on the prairie, after all.  And as anyone who has ever climbed Dunvegan Hill on foot or in a vehicle knows, the hills around here are more sandy than rocky, more slumpy than solid.  That’s why people aren’t supposed to climb Dunvegan Hill, and why the highway has all those big dips in it.

However, not far from Spirit River, things do start to get rocky.  Go west and you reach the foothills before you reach the nearest Tim Hortons.  Drive up Bear Mountain and you find a different climate zone as well as a different geological zone.  Here there be handholds.

If you are interested, has more information on the rocks, how to get there and what to bring.

Now, if you aren’t quite ready for the outdoor outcrops, maybe the climbing wall at Dawson Creek’s Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre is more your style for a while.  That information is on their website.

What do you do for summer fun in the Peace Country?  Do you know a secret spot?  If you want to pass on your information, email or leave a comment on any post.  Your input is always welcome.

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3 Responses to Rock Climbing, Anyone?

  1. I went to the Dawson Creek rock climbing site and got a chuckle. They have a “drop in climb.” Not sure I’d want to try that one. The whole idea is NOT to fall. But I think I got the wrong impression. Maybe it’s a poor choice of words on their part. Funny though.

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