Answers to the Alexander Mackenzie Quiz

Well, history buffs, how did you do with these brain teasers?  Check out your responses with the answers below:

1.  In 1792 – 1793, Mackenzie wintered at Fort Fork, near the confluence of the Peace and Smoky Rivers.  When was the exact site rediscovered?  In 1927 the site was relocated and excavated.

2.  What did Mackenzie’s crew call their dog?  Our Dog.  Of course!  No, really, that was its name.

3.  What were Mackenzie’s names for the Pouce Coupe and Kiskatinaw rivers?  d’Echafaud (Scaffold) River and Mud River.

4. Is the Mackenzie Mountain Range in the Yukon and Northwest Territories named for Sir Alexander Mackenzie?  No.  It is named for Alexander Mackenzie the Prime Minister (but not a knight).

5.  What language was Mackenzie the first to record in his journal of the Peace Expedition?  The Carrier Language, spoken by the Dakelh people of the British Columbia interior.

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3 Responses to Answers to the Alexander Mackenzie Quiz

  1. Thanks for those very interesting questions and answers!

  2. tkmorin says:

    Yeah, I love the dog name one! It’s funny! 🙂

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