The Joys of Spring

Hey, it’s spring out there!  Spring in Spirit River comes with its ups and downs (and round and rounds).  Spring is that season that encompasses all others rather than forming its own identify – it goes back and forth between winter, summer and fall in a moment depending on Mother Nature’s whim.  Still, spring is spring, and here’s the proof:

Birds are back!  Crows, geese, swans, robins, ducks!  Each one spotted is a ray of check1hope that we can all survive the last bit of ice and snow.

Speaking of which, there is open water on the dugouts and the snow is off thecheck1 grass.  People have been out raking and the wind is scouring out the dust and snow mold.

The flowers are up, at least the hardiest of them all are.  Tulips, and daffodils check1now, soon crocuses, irises, lilies, and more.  Garden centres are open and you can find seeds for sale in Fields and the hardware store.  Don’t forget the pussy willows!


Kites are flying, kids are on the playgrounds, people are out walking on the dry streets.  Some evenings, people don’t have to put those parkas on!

The daylight is back!  The sun is now peeking over the horizon at 6:20 and still check1up at  nine.  Soon your neighbours can mow the lawn until midnight 😉

What else is a sign of spring?  Lacrosse and soccer?  Dance recitals?  If you have a tip about what’s going on in the Spirit River area, feel free to tell everyone here on Town Spirit.  It’s great for non-Tweeters and -Facebookers to have an online meeting place.  So please leave a comment or email 🙂

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3 Responses to The Joys of Spring

  1. I’m happy for you that spring is arriving at last. It has been a long winter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a loon at Nardam, too.

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