Prospecting for Gold on the Peace

Spring is upon us here in the Peace Country and with it comes a feeling of freedom and adventure.  Several people have already popped into Town Spirit to check out the posts about gold prospecting…

Well, here’s another.  This week the Fairview Post carried an article about Josh Gawryluk, who grew up discovering gold and went on to buy several hobby claims in B.C.  This year, he’s promised to share some of his trade secrets when he teaches the Gold Panning and Prospecting course on the Peace River.

The article does not give the exact date of the course or contact information, but watch the Fairview Post for more as we get closer to June.

For more on gold prospecting in the Peace Country, click these links to Town Spirit’s articles: Peace Country Gold, How to Pan for Gold, and Gold in Them Thar Hills.

If you’ve caught wind of something interesting going on in the Peace Country, allow Town Spirit to help share the news!  Just email or leave a comment on any post.  Thanks!

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2 Responses to Prospecting for Gold on the Peace

  1. Panning for gold is something I’ve always wanted to do – not to get rich, but for the fun and excitement of maybe actually finding some.

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