Brenda Morie

One time member of the Spirit River String Band Brenda Morie has quite a biography.  The jazz and blues musician began touring western Canada, playing banjo, guitar and penny whistles with the band and has been expanding her musical compass ever since.

Writing, performing and recording  with other famous musicians and symphonies, touring and attending festivals, and venturing into the movie soundtrack business, Morie continues to leave her mark in the world using her flute, guitar, and keyboard, not to mention her voice.

Have you seen Homegrown, Rhapsody in Bloom or Going All The Way? Listen for some Alberta talent in the soundtracks!

Click here to read a biography on Morie’s website.

What was the Spirit River String Band? Details seem to be a bit sketchy.  If you can fill in the blanks, please contact Town Spirit through the comment button or by emailing  Your input is invaluable!

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  1. Another talented Peace person. Wonderful to see.

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