Hal Sisson, Local Author

Welcome to April, and hopefully spring! (Real spring, not calendar spring.) Enjoy this post 🙂

Hal Sisson was quite a guy.

After serving in the war as an armourer servicing guns and turrets, he came back to the Peace Country to be a lawyer and a judge.  That career provided plenty of fodder for another: writing books full of small-town humour.

After retiring from the bar and from the Peace, Sisson continued writing mysteries and action/adventure novels featuring “old fart sleuths”.  Then came an anthology of burlesque skits, and then non-fiction accounts about drugs and the events of 9/11.

Many of these books are available through local libraries or Amazon:

  • A Fowler View of Like
  • Coots, Codgers, and Curmudgeons
  • Garage Sale of the Mind
  • The Big Bamboozle
  • Caverns of the Cross
  • A Fat Lot of Good
  • Maquiladora Mayhem
  • You Should Live So Long
  • Potshots
  • Modus Operandi 9/11

However, if you would like an instant sample of the author’s writing to find out what you’d be in for with one of his books, you might try Sisson’s self-penned obituary.

Or, check out Hal Sisson speaking about his research into 9/11.

If you know of any Peace Country personalities who should be featured here, please email townspirit@hotmail.com, or leave a comment on any post.  Thanks for your input!

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2 Responses to Hal Sisson, Local Author

  1. This definitely looks interesting. Off to check your “About” page.

  2. He sounds like quite the character. Would love to have known him. Great obit that he wrote!

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