Answers to Spirit River Quiz 15

If you aren’t a real history buff, this quiz was probably quite difficult.  Treat it as a “did you know?”… read the answers and now you know!

1.  Back in the early 80s, what overseas country could pick up CKUA radio (Alberta’s finest) while Spirit River was in a “hole” and could not tune in?

Finland.  On a very cold day, radio waves could apparently bounce off the upper waves of the atmosphere.  Spirit River wasn’t hearing CKUA until 1982 or later.

2.  When was the first murder trial held in Grande Prairie?

1919.  An Austrian man confessed to killing his countryman by shooting him and throwing the body in the Beaverlodge River.  Although the body was never found, blood evidence was and the death sentence was passed.  In 1919, six men were murdered on the outskirts of Grande Prairie, but the trials in that case came much later.

3.  Most people are familiar with the Hudson’s Bay Company and Revillon Frères trading posts and dry goods stores that served the Peace Country more than a century ago, but what is the name of the third successful company of this region?

Bredin and Cornwall, formed in 1899.  For a while they challenged the Hudson’s Bay Company, and in 1906 they sold out to their other competitor, Revillon Frères.

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2 Responses to Answers to Spirit River Quiz 15

  1. What a wealth of information you are! Some fascinating stories took place in the north.

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