A Snippet From History

From the Edmonton Journal of August 1, 1925:

In the great democracy of the Peace there is a place for every enterprising young man.  Fred Kingsley was formerly a barber.  He stropped up his razor for the last time as a full time barber late one Saturday night at Spirit River.  He had been shaving homesteaders all day who believed in the once-a-week visit to the barber. 

“I might as well be clearing land as shaving these beards,” Mr. Kingsley observed to those sitting about in the barber shop.  He sold out the next day and took a homestead near Grand Haven, B.C.  There he wields an axe on weekdays and goes into Grand Haven Saturdays and Sundays to secure a grubstake at the barber trade.

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2 Responses to A Snippet From History

  1. Did he mean the beards were so tough that it was hard work, or did he mean the pay was so poor that he might as well become a farmer? Who can tell?

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