Update on the Coldest Journey

If you have been checking in with the crew of Our Coldest Journey as they attempt to be the first to cross Antarctica in winter, you will be aware that their leader, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, has had to leave the expedition before it has even begun due to several health problems.  The rest of the team, including Peace River’s Spencer Smirl, will make their attempt at the 2,000 mile journey later this month.  Besides making the world’s first crossing of Antarctica in winter, the travellers will carry out research on global warming and hope to raise $10 million for Seeing is Believing, a charity that brings affordable eye care to the world’s poorest communities.

For more information, read Town Spirit’s post from November, or you can watch Sir Ranulph Fiennes announce his decision to leave the expedition here.

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One Response to Update on the Coldest Journey

  1. Not something I’d like to be doing. I don’t like to freeze. Give me Mexico any time. But good for them. They’re braver than I am.

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