More Local Authors

The Peace Country is full of authors and stories of all sorts!  Here is an odd couple:

February 2013 was the anniversary of the Dawson Creek Disaster, an explosion that rocked the small town in 1943.  There is a a book for young readers about the event written by Elaine Breault Hammond.  Explosion at Dawson Creek is available from Amazon and from your local library.

Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist: Don’t Even Think about an Extreme Smile Makeover Until After You Read this Book was written by once local author Michael Zuk, DDS.  It’s available from Google Books.  He has also written High Speed Braces? Essential Information for Patients as well as a sequel to Confessions.

Please browse the Authors and Writers category to find more local writers.  If you know of any, please leave a comment or write to

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  1. These sound very interesting!

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