Montgomery Steele

The Peace Country is a hotbed of country music artists, including Montgomery Steele, who was proving his mettle beginning in the 90s.

Steele was a campfire crooner, fond of river boating and the laid back attitude of the Peace Country.  But the singer from small town Dawson Creek, also known as Monty Petrick, was destined to carry him much further afield.

In 1997, Steele’s very first album, First Time Out, hit the big time.  In fact, it was the first debut CD composed entirely of Canadian content to chart five consecutive Top 30 singles: “Indian Woman,” “In This Heart of Mine,” “The River Song,” “Red Wine Kisses” and “Debbie Darlene.”

Along with the ratings and the sales came the awards.  Steele was nominated for outstanding male vocalist of the year for the Big Country Awards.  His outdoorsy music video, televised in Canada, won an international video of the year award.

Then, Steele’s single “Damned Old Rodeo” rose to #13 on the Trans America Broadcasting Chart.  Written by Bernie Steward of Pouce Coupe and featuring a duet with Tina Turley, the song was playing to over 6 million listeners through 78 stations in the US, then released in Canada and Europe as well.

And then… well, what happened to Montgomery Steele then?  You can’t find him on YouTube, and Wikipedia offers no further information.  Maybe the country singer went back to his Peace and quiet.  If anyone knows more, or, Montgomery Steele, if you are out there, we’d be interested to hear from you.

Update: a reader tells us Montgomery Steele passed away several years ago.  May his music live on always.


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3 Responses to Montgomery Steele

  1. That’s amazing. And a songwriter from Pouce Coupe helped out! I guess all famous people have to come from somewhere, but who knew there was so much talent in these little northern towns?

  2. Linda says:

    Montgomery Steele (Monty Petrick) passed away several years ago.

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