2013 Family Fun Day

Yes, February 17th is Family Fun Day at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, and Free Fishing Weekend in Alberta!

So this Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m., get outside and enjoy winter the old fashioned way (with a few modern conveniences)!  From noon to four, people from all over the region will come to see what has been set up this year, including mini golf through snow channels, horse drawn wagon rides through the forest, and nature activities.

Skiing is, of course, a main attraction, with many kilometers of well groomed trails around the lake and through the woods, to the farthest regions of the park.  It’s relaxing to take some easy exercise, teaching the kids, snapping photos for the contest and listening to flickers and chickadees… But if you’re more energetic – more competitive – you’ll want to try something like the Wolf Pack Trail (that name will keep you moving) or even the Iron Man, completion of which should gain for you the reverence of all Spirit River!  You’ll certainly be awarded the certificate as proof of your Iron will.

Don’t let a lack of equipment stop you: skis, poles and boots are available for your use (nothing costs anything on Family Fun Day!)  There are also snowshoes, so you can strike off into the bush to track rabbits or wander through the surreal, snow covered campsites.  Don’t forget your camera!

You don’t have to be a pro, either.  Take advantage of beginner through advanced cross country ski courses.

Fishing is free this weekend.  Register at the old Concession Booth to try your hand at ice fishing and maybe win one of two big prizes to go with your trout.  There will be several warm fires to thaw your nose and toes when you come in off the lake.

As you are handed a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee to go with your free hot dog and doughnut, remember that in the old days, selling lunches at Sunday skating parties was a main fundraiser for the wild dream of creating a Moonshine Lake and Park.  Then hurry up and get back to shinny at the rink!

Thank you Family Fun Day sponsors: Home Hardware, Blueberry Mountain Goodwill Society, Glacier Ridge Ventures, AFSC and Blueberry General Store as well as other organizers, cooks, wagon drivers, equipment transporters, cleaner uppers, trail markers, golf course makers, contest managers and advertisers!  We dearly love our Moonshine Fun Day around here, and you make it happen every year.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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One Response to 2013 Family Fun Day

  1. Oooh! I wouldn’t want to be a fish. Look out, fishies. They’re coming for you. Sounds like a fun time at Moonshine Lake.

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