Valentines, Heads Up!

Pssst!  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Have you got a special something for a special someone?  Consider supporting your local businesses when you plan your surprise!

Remember, Spirit River might not have a flower store anymore, but there are plenty of other local businesses ready to provide you with gifts, flowers and sweets.  IGA has a variety of fresh and potted flowers, and, right next door where the flower store used to be, is a new store chock full of all things that appeal to the ladies.  The drugstore has jewellery, chocolates, and local gifts, and Exclusive Laser Engraving can also cover candy cravings and personalized gift ware.

Fields has toys and trinkets for the kids, clothing and cards.  And for the men?  How about browsing the hardware store or Gregg Distributors?

Of course you’ll already have planned which restaurant you’ll choose, and you know where our liquor stores are located.

With all those options, you can’t fail to please this Valentine’s Day!

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2 Responses to Valentines, Heads Up!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of starlight skating at the lake from last year. The rink is ploughed out but it might melt!

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