Come Create

This idea has been swiped from this fantastic blog here (with professional photography) and also from this wonderful piece of writing created entirely from pictures happened upon from the other side of the world.

Town Spirit is a blog about a small place in Northern Alberta, Canada.  That means it’s not likely to catch the interest of most of the world.  Spirit River’s audience may be limited, but a picture… ah, a picture is universal.  A picture leaves its story up to whoever is looking at it.

So, writers, thinkers, romantics and poets, you are invited to get into the picture below: to visit the Peace Country however you may see it.  Ponder!  Wonder!  Plot and scheme!  And please, leave your masterpiece or even just your fragments so we can all enjoy your fresh perspective and creativity 🙂


Fore Front

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6 Responses to Come Create

  1. There are some beautiful scenes to photograph in the North.

  2. Ceebee says:

    Despite their 100 years of residence in the farmhouse, the Malovichs were powerless to protect their view. They decided to haunt the new terminal instead.

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