National Non-Smoking Week

Is it because it’s the third week into the new year and it’s either time to get started on your resolution or time to boost your resolve?

January 20 to 26 marks this year’s National Non-Smoking Week.  It’s a good time to think seriously about quitting the habit or helping someone else give it up.  There are plenty of people to help with the inspiration, and lots of links, starting here with this article from the GP Herald Tribune.Image1

Let’s do a simple cold cash calculation:

There are 48 weeks left until next Christmas.  That’s 336 days.

If you smoke a pack a day and each pack costs $9, that’s $3,024.  Image2

That’s an iPad for everyone under the tree.

(Or whatever you like, but you get the idea)

Sounds like something that’s worth a try.padd1

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