Cattle Ranch Entrepreneurs

Spirit River and Rycroft exist because of the need for beef in the Peace Country back when fur traders and missionaries were outsourcing larder stocking.  The history of ranching in the area is long.  You might think that we should have accumulated all the know how necessary by now – but there is always room for a little entrepreneurial daring.

Just after Christmas, The Western Producer ran this article on a local family putting a network of thought, research and modern ideas into their ranching operation just north of Rycroft.  The result is a sustainable, happy cattle ranch.  It’s like coming full circle: after all, we are a region of venturesome pioneers.


If you know of a local entrepreneur, enterpriser, or just plain interesting person, please drop a nudge in the comment box!   Town Spirit is all about collecting great things about Spirit River and area, and who better to help do that than the locals?  It’s also great if you share a post via Twitter or Facebook.  It’s easy with the special zappy buttons on each post 🙂

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One Response to Cattle Ranch Entrepreneurs

  1. Very interesting article. Those people are real entrepreneurs. I wish them luck with their venture. Sounds like they’re very enthusiastic and modern-thinking. Thanks for this post.

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