Answers to Quiz 14

How did you do?  These quizzes are a bit tricky.  Remember, if you can do a better job, Town Spirit would be thrilled to hear from you!  Crafty, creative quizzes are welcome here, so long as they have something to do with the Peace Country.

On to the answers!

1.  What was Pouce Coupe singer/songwriter Keray Regan‘s real name?

Oscar Melvin Frederickson.  His brother Bob’s name was Fred.

2. Where did the Peace River get its name?

The Dane-zaa (Beaver) and Cree societies were often at war over the land along the river.  Decades of hostility were ended in the late 1700s when a treaty of peace was agreed upon and duly sealed by the smoking of a peace pipe.  The treaty meeting took place on the river near what would become Wood Buffalo National Park, and the water became a border: resources to the South were under Cree control; those to the north were under Dane-zaa jurisdiction.  The river became the Peace River in honour of the agreement to end hostilities.

3. What did explorer Alexander Mackenzie call the waterway?

Unjegah, meaning “large river” in Cree.  You might recognize the word from Unchaga Days.

4. Who discovered oil in the Peace Country?

Recorded history shows that a trapper named Blaine Pierce was the first to find an oil and natural gas field near Fort St. John back in 1917, and Imperial Oil sent out a crew.  However, native people were using the oil that seeped from the banks of the Peace River to caulk their canoes since the 1700s, at least.

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One Response to Answers to Quiz 14

  1. Those were tough questions. Interesting answers though. Thanks.

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