A Collection of Local Authors, Part Three

The Peace Country keeps turning out authors and writers of all sorts!  Back in October, Town Spirit had many posts about books by local authors that you may want to look up in the Authors and Writers category listed to your right.  It isn’t Library Month anymore, but the books are still out there (albeit difficult to find in some cases).  Here is another installment of authors and titles from the Peace Country:

Rudolph Pueschel: Odyssey of Willi W. : Genesis of Canada’s Sudeten Settlement Tomslake.  Tomslake is, of course, just south of Pouce Coupe.  In 1939, hundreds of refugees from the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia fled Nazi turmoil and were delivered to the wilderness of Canada to begin anew.  This book is available from goodreads.

Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff: An Angel’s Touch and Touched By a Miracle.  Ladner-Bischoff was born in a board shack near Wanham during the “hungry thirties”.  She writes inspirational novels, which unfortunately are not available through the local libraries.

Cyndi Sand-Eveland: author of children’s fiction including Dear Toni and A Tinfoil Sky.  Local kids will be familiar with the author and her work because she stopped in Spirit River a couple of times on book tours.  Sand-Eveland’s books are available through local libraries. Please head to her website for more information.

If you know of a local author, writer, artist, craftsperson, entrepreneur, photographer, or just plain interesting person, please send Town Spirit a tip or a link.  Great stuff is going on here, so lets all get in on it!  Email townspirit@hotmail.com, and please leave a comment.

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One Response to A Collection of Local Authors, Part Three

  1. Thanks for these. I’ll add them to my list.

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