Ice Fishing at Moonshine Lake

Are the holidays over?  Hopefully there is plenty more ice fishing to come this season, especially if you got some gear for Christmas.

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5 Responses to Ice Fishing at Moonshine Lake

  1. What kind of fish do they catch there? I only remember being there in the summer for “swimming.” Didn’t know then that there were fish in that lake.

    • townspirit says:

      Planting trout began in the mid-sixties (not sure if stocking continued every year up to now or not). Both fishing and ice fishing are quite popular – more popular than swimming these days – but much more enjoyable on the quiet days when not too many people are around. You’d probably find the place much different now with the expanded camping grounds, paved roads, and provincial park status. It would be interesting to read your memories of the lake though!

      • I seem to have it in my head that my legs looked quite reddish brown in that water. I only waded in waist deep and didn’t like the colour of the water. Kind of a swampy colour. Having said that, I may be confusing that water colour with a dip in One Island Lake. Too long ago. I know we went to both places and there was definitely no park there then. I bet the mosquitoes are still there though.

      • townspirit says:

        That sounds like Moonshine! It was a slough, after all, before it was transformed into a lake by a group of local dreamers 🙂 One Island is a lot bigger, so a lot cleaner. Trout must like the murky, still depths. And lots of mosquitoes, definitely.

      • Thanks for that, Townspirit.

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