Check out the menu at Beachside Forno, a high class but not outrageously priced restaurant in West Vancouver:

Starter choices include a rich, aromatic Caramelized Onion and Chicken Soup and a spicy Wild Greens and Baby Herb salad, both of which I enjoyed, but its the entrees that make this a stand-out. All three of Beachside Forno’s Dine Out entrees are winners, from the perfect, not-too-heavy House-made Parmesan Gnocchi to the savory, dark Braised Peace Country Lamb Orecchiettei (pictured) to the Salt Spring Mussels, infused with flavour from the house-made chorizo sausage and tomato puttanesca broth.

It’s enough to make your mouth water… and to make you smile!  Peace Country beef and now lamb making its way into world class restaurants should make us all proud.  And hungry.  Anyone know how to make orecchiette?

If your lamb is famous elsewhere, tell us about it right here!  Town Spirit will host any post about what’s going on in Spirit River and surrounding area.  All you have to do is write it down and email it to


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One Response to Hungry?

  1. Who would have thought that Peace Country lamb would find its way to a fancy West Van restaurant? Hats off to the Peace farmers/ranchers.

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