Sun, Glorious Sun

Hopefully, you got your time in the sun this weekend.  It was a long time coming, but finally we got our brief reprieve from all this cloud cover!  Although the fat falling flakes are wonderfully sparkly and light enough to whisk away with the snow shovel, they do mess up the roads a bit.  Not to mention burying the cord to plug in the truck, the snow shovel itself, and even small pets if they take too long about their business.  It’s nice to have a break.

These pictures aren’t from the sunny moments, but surely there will be more of those.  They’re just a reminder – if you get caught humming “let it snow” – that it is beautiful when it snows, when the frost decorates every surface large or small and the world goes all soft and silent  like the inside of a giant snow globe.

P1260473 P1260248 P1250983

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5 Responses to Sun, Glorious Sun

  1. I know it’s awfully cold, but snow pictures are so beautiful!

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