New GP Hospital in the News

Whatever you want to call it, the coming soon hospital in the works for Grande Prairie is finally in the paper just because progress is being made.

On Thursday, floor plans and images of the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital were unveiled.  It is an impressive building with lots of space and room to grow, state of the art equipment, and architecture planned with an eye to the mental and physical well being of patients, staff and visitors.  There is a wing devoted to educating future health care workers through GPRC as well.

Most importantly, there will be 200 beds to start with… and 1300 parking spots for larger vehicles!

Please click this link to read the article in the Herald Tribune.

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2 Responses to New GP Hospital in the News

  1. At least they have a start on it. The new hospital in our region has been talked about and fought over for about five years already with NO progress made that I can see. Be thankful that the GP hospital is in the works.

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