Talented Conductor Hails from Dawson Creek

Timothy Hankewich draws beautiful music from orchestras.  He has the knack – and a surprisingly diverse knack it is.  He can please many kinds of audiences, not to mention musicians and critics, with his fluid, artistic style.

Hankewich started out in Dawson Creek, then studied at the University of Alberta, where he received his bachelor of music degree with honours in piano performance.  A master’s degree in choral conducting came next, and then a doctorate in instrumental and opera conducting from Indiana University.  Along the way Hankewich has studied with many illustrious musicians and conductors.

Hankewich’s repertoire is long.  He has been a guest conductor for many orchestras and resident conductor with the Kansas City Symphony for seven years.  Next year will be his eighth season as music director of Orchestra Iowa.

You can read more about Tim Hankewich here, and see a sample of this dynamic conductor in action on You Tube.

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