J.D. McArthur’s Obituary

J.D. McArthur was one of Canada’s leading business men.  Well-stocked with visions for the nation’s future, he built sawmills, lumber companies, and, of course, railroads across the wide open prairies of western Canada.

McArthur and his trains played a big part in shaping the growth and future of Spirit River, although the ED&BC wasn’t one of his most successful ventures.  The McArthur home still stands at the top of Main Street, overlooking the town, the railroad, and the vast, promising Peace Country.

McArthur died in January of 1927.  Fittingly, he spent his final hours in a railway coach and passed away just before reaching Winnipeg, his long time home-base.  His obituary is quite interesting.  You can find it by following this link.

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2 Responses to J.D. McArthur’s Obituary

  1. What a gutsy entrepreneur he was!

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