The Story of a Nurse in the First World War

Today, a borrowed post from the blog Finding the Forty-Seven: Canadian Nurses of the First World War.  This is the story of two nurse’s uniforms and the woman who owned them.  Cecile McKibben would make her way to Spirit River after serving with the British nursing service and the Canadian Army Medical Corps.  It was George Fraser MacKenzie, the man she married on the first anniversary of armistice, who brought her home to Spirit River.  Read Cecile’s full story: The Story of a WWI Uniform and the Woman Who Wore It.   Don’t miss seeing a picture of the bluebird uniform (you have to scroll down a bit until you see it in the far right column).
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One Response to The Story of a Nurse in the First World War

  1. Wars changed so many lives. There are a lot of good stories out there. Thanks for making us aware of this one.

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