R.C.A.F. Recruitment, 1941

Page 10 of the January 23rd edition of the Edmonton Journal presents the reader with a curious mix of ads and news items.  From the left column, you can read: movie listings for films featuring Gene Tierney, Fred Astaire and Deanna Durbin; a picture of St. Bride’s Church in London burning in the “fire-blitz”; news from the Red Cross and plans in Jasper and Nordegg to sell war savings certificates; ads for skirts, hosiery and Cystex’s kidney cure.

Sandwiched amid the other stories is a bulletin for residents of the Peace Country:

R.C.A.F. to Recruit in Northern Towns

Plan to visit Peace River, Rycroft, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek


Believed to be the furthest north point that an R.C.A.F. mobile recruiting unit has gone, officials of the Edmonton depot will leave here Saturday for Peace River, Grande Prairie, Rycroft and Dawson Creek.

In the party will be FO. William Thomson, M.C., D.F.C. of the Edmonton recruiting station, FO. F.C. Eaglesham and Corp. A. Jackson.

They will travel by plane arriving in Peace River about noon Saturday.  They will spend Saturday and Sunday in Peace River and will accept recruits all the time they are there.   Their itinerary will then take them by car to Rycroft where they will interview applicants between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Monday.  The party will be in Grande Prairie on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  They will spend Wednesday afternoon in Dawson Creek.

This is subject to the roads being open and weather permitting.

They are especially interested in securing young men with high school education to train as members of an aircrew, and ex-servicemen to serve as security guards.  The ex-servicemen must be under 50 years of age and medically fit.  Also needed, are clerks, with shorthand and typing, sheet and metal workers and others.

Persons desiring to interview the R.C.A.F. officers with respect to joining will be more than “just welcome,” Flying Officer Thomson said.

Many answered the advertisement and did their part in the war effort.  If you know the story of someone who did, Town Spirit would be honoured to host it here.  Please email townspirit@hotmail.com.

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  1. What would we do without them?!

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