Winter is Here

Now that it is cold, we must admit that winter is here.  How many days in a row were those flakes falling?  Enough… but it is beautiful, isn’t it?  The way everything gets quiet and soft, everything is iced with the white stuff, or hidden beneath it.  The grey days are long, but when that sunshine breaks through the sparkles beam out in millions of shards of light.  Windows are spangled with crystal stars.  Skating, hockey and curling are started, we get to wear our winter fashions (zippers sound like Christmas) and pull out sleighs, skis, snow brushes and skidoos.  It’s so easy to get exercise when all you need to do is step outside.

Here, when the seasons change they really become different.  We are different, too.  Not only do we change our wardrobes and our toys, we change our sense of time since everything takes longer in the snow.  We change priorities according to how icy the roads are, and what is essential to keep in the truck is different, too.  The terminology on people’s lips is all new.  There is a lot of grumbling about the cold and the snow, but it feels good to have a grumble in common with every person you meet.  We might have snow to shovel and windows to scrape, but on the other hand, the lawn mower and leaf blower can hibernate for a few months.  There is no chance you car window will blow out in the heat, or your chocolate bar will melt in the sun.  Trading the barbecue for the isn’t so bad.  The kids can sleep at night because it’s dark and cool, and you’ve already forgotten that you considered installing an air conditioner.

Christmas is a’comin!

Still… it would be nice if November turned out to be warmer again…

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3 Responses to Winter is Here

  1. emmahevezi says:

    love all of these photos and also the statement about everyone walking around grumbling cause it is cold and miserable! it seems that it is the same as the uk.. we moan when its cold, we moan when its hot, we moan when it rains. it is part of the human condition to not be happy with whatever we have in front of us. it looks like amazing landscape though 🙂

  2. Exactly right. We moan and groan no matter what the weather does. Nice post!

  3. CeeBee says:

    Ick, I liked the snow (real winter) a whole lot more than the freezing rain and fog! But it was interesting to hear the ice coated branches crackle and see each leaf with its very own icicle. The giant crystal frost is nice too… so long as you don’t have to drive anywhere.

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